Monday, June 13, 2016

Unfair or just Lucky?

I put down my bag and take a seat. It’s freaking hot outside. Thankfully, the cool air from the office air conditioner is on full blast and it takes a whole minute for my body to really feel the coolness of the office. At the press of a button, my laptop is switching on.
The first thing I did was check my email, just another day at the office.
Any clients screaming at me? Did I mess up any work? Oh, what’s this?
The pointer moves on the screen and the new mail is opened.
What’s this….
“40,000”, I read. More a moment I was taken aback. So I read it again.
Damn, it sounds the same.
I get up from my seat and head over the boss’s office. Everyone is already engrossed in their work.
“Did you just give me a raise?” I asked.
She quickly nodded her and went back to her phone.
It was the start of a new month, so I expect my salary slip, but not an increment.
Was that luck? Was that fair?
My feet are moving swiftly. I didn’t go to office. You shouldn’t go to office, if you’re sick, so I didn’t go to office. The illness is upon me.
Oh shit.
I’m sitting on the throne in the toilet.
Do. Not. Imagine. This.
Shit happens, literally.
Bad loose motions can have a terrible effect on a person and I had the bad kind.
Did I eat something? That’s can’t be, don’t remember.
Am I unlucky? Is this fair to me? I did nothing to deserve this. I drop another load.
It’s not pleasant.
I did nothing to deserve this.
Death hides behinds the clouds and when no one is looking, it swoops in and kills someone.
His father, brother and some other close cousins are carrying a coffin to the graveyard.
What did my friend do? The fool was stupid enough not wear a helmet while riding his motorcycle. Now he’s dead.
The coffin was lowered into the grave.
Hundreds of people ride in the city without their helmets, they try riskier things, they even come closer to death. I, we, his family, friends, we are not burying a single one 'them', we’re burying my friend, the safest rider I’ve known, except he never wore a helmet.
Fair? Unfair? Lucky? Unlucky?
Why did God allow this?
I didn’t know.
The only thing I can do is keeping moving forward. Luck, fair unfair, unlucky… who the fuck knows – just. keep. moving. forward.



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