What's it about

This is my blog (lets state the obvious first and get over it!)
It's going to be about my ideas, thoughts, imagination, dreams, blah. blah.

Who am I does not matter. What is more important - what you are going to read in this blog - A Writer's Asylum. And no, I'm not trapped in an asylum, but I am always looking out of a Writer Asylum's window.

I'm going to fill it stories. Scenes, moments, I don't have the patience to write long blogs and I am sure you don't have the patience to read long blogs. Some will be what I see - on the street, on the screen and some stories will just be my imagination at work. Stories which are just scene of events, some with a message, some just events unfolding. Whatever it maybe, just enjoy the writing.

Hopefully, you as my reader will learn to love the stories I write, the characters I introduce and the style and develop. 

So read on, and if you like it - follow and share ! (right hand corner - on top) 


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